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On the quest to be the best version of ourselves.

We are constantly improving our supply chain to be more sustainable. We want to be open, transparent and responsible about our choices. We are currently working with the UN Sustainable development goals in mind and researching more sustainable ways of material sourcing and footwear production.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Roscomar's main manufacturing partner is a factory based outside of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Ethical Certification

This factory is an audited facility following the standards of SMETA conducted by the global certification company TUV. This covers social ethics and standards and health and safety, including the use, storage and handling of chemicals in the Factory.


Our main manufacturing partners have over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry. The factory was set up after years of experiencing first hand the challenges of footwear manufacturing in Vietnam. Although footwear is a traditional industry, the factory owners observed a growing distance of views and perspectives from factories in Asia to the evolving needs of footwear brands. As they already had the platform, teams and infrastructure serving as a manufacturer for brands in partner factories, they decided it was best to open their own manufacturing facility, with influence from European manufacturing.

“We set up the facility to provide a greater focus to quality first shoe production, while providing our customers greater flexibility with issues such as MOQ, something which is very hard to achieve with the majority of Factories in Vietnam who rely on producing cost first footwear in mass quantities to achieve efficiency.”

Impact in the Local Community

The decision to establish a factory in a strong local catchment area was important, with the ability to provide employment and training to the surrounding area and in return build a stable and committed workforce. Since establishing, they are the largest employer within a 30km radius.

Factory Worker Benefits

- Workers Union

- Employment Contracts

- Social Insurance

- Health Insurance

- Unemployment Insurance

- Annual Health Check

- Living Wage

- Catering in the Factory

- Health & Safety and Fire Prevention and Evacuation Drills

Climate & Logistics

One of Roscomar's adopted UN sustainable development goals is Goal 13 - Climate Action. Since March 2019, $1 per pair of shoes sold goes towards the UN Carbon Offset Program under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), to enhance our social responsibility and offset carbon emissions from the transportation of sneakers.