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Ethical Design

Roscomar is designed to be versatile, a utility that works anywhere with anything, anytime.

Superb quality sneakers at a fair price allowing greater investment into experiences that truly matter. Thus enabling educated and honest choices to allow guilt-free consuming.

But above all, Roscomar is designed to be light.

Design Values

We want to be open, transparent and responsible about our choices.

We are constantly improving our supply chain to be more sustainable, which is just as important to us as designing the most lightweight and versatile sneakers possible.

Comfort: physically pleasing over extended periods.

Versatility: travel-friendly and suitable across settings.

Equality: it's bullshit that womenswear doesn't have pockets.

New Premium: driving innovation in footwear to create better and more sustainable sneakers

With the global perspective of our peers, we draw inspiration from our homes in Sweden, London and Los Angeles. Or as we think of them: natural wellness, urban art, tropical adventure. Every Roscomar piece is designed to cross continuously between these three environments, because that is how we live our lives. Constant movement.

Material Choices


Leather is a product that if not used goes to waste. We aim to make use of all materials and avoid wastage. It has multiple design benefits and functions such as durability, breathability and comfort. Most synthetic fibres on the market are labelled as “Vegan” but are still harmful to the environment by not being biodegradable and being mostly made of plastics.

We are constantly working to improve our supply chain and get the best materials for the best price for our customers. 

In 2020, Roscomar transitioned to using Leather Working Group Certified leathers and suedes wherever possible.


Cotton as a natural product has many benefits. It’s soft, easily absorbable and breathable for movement. It is also the easiest fabric to care for as it maintains its shape and is very easy to wash and clean in comparison to other materials.

In 2020, Roscomar transitioned to using Certified Organic cotton for our canvas uppers and laces wherever possible.


Claimed as nature's super fibre. Wool has a very technical makeup for a natural material. It is breathable, durable, repels moisture yet retains heat and is very comfortable. As a hypoallergenic it resists bacteria and is 100% biodegradable.