Taking action on climate

Emelie Sandberg @ 2019-03-13 19:14:49 +0000
March 2019
London, UK


Roscomar is proud to announce a new initiative to enhance our social responsibility:

Starting this week, we are donating $1 per pair of shoes sold to the United Nations Carbon Offset Program.

"We continue to deepen our understanding of the environmental consequences of travel, consumption and — perhaps most challenging — just being a participating member of modern society. This is a problem of unprecedented scale. We must all come together and do our part to offset and ultimately reverse environmental impacts of the rapid growth and industrialisation of humanity that enables our comfortable lifestyles."
- Johan Olsson, CEO

"There is a lot more to do than this initiative alone will accomplish and we will continue our work in making our company’s production and logistics as environmentally friendly as possible. We launched Roscomar because we believe that people are the best versions of themselves when we can explore, experience other cultures and climates, and find our place in the world. This is one step in reducing the impact on our planet."
- Emelie Sandberg, Head of Design  


 Read more about our journey here >

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