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March 2020
London, UK

Roscomar A.I.M. Collective Geni Lou


Meet A.I.M Collective. A specialist popping dance collective based in London, UK, who happen to be all female. Set up by Shawn Aimey, Dance artist and choreographer. As he puts it, they came together unexpectedly and have been going strong ever since. Popping is a big niche, especially by females within the UK. A.I.M Collective are a driving force for the dance genre, competing in battles and competitions, ultimately taking it forward, while remaining a family.


We caught up with the founder and a few members of A.I.M Collective to tell their story and shine a light on what their community means to them.


What does A.I.M Collective mean to you as an individual?

Nicole McDowall: 

It’s a huge support system and the people within it create a safe space for me to personally grow, be vulnerable and to push myself because even though we’re all at different levels, there’s a common thread that keeps us together. I feel really supported by everyone and inspired by everyone. They’re all amazing. It’s nice to have that healthy competition around me. 


What is the importance of A.I.M Collective?

Hazel Culliney:

A.I.M Collective is really important to me for a number of factors. One of the main reasons is that it brings a family together. That’s important in any community, to bring people together like a family and when that happens you can grow together and build and build and build.


Shawn Aimey:

A.I.M Collective is important to me because it’s a way for me to express myself creatively, be able to create my ideas and put my vision on stage. I’m also able to train the girls to help them develop within their personal styles and help them achieve the things they want to get towards which might be battles, choreographing and performing. 



How does A.I.M Collective unite and bring you all together?

Hazel Culliney: 

For me, community and family are so important. To have that in the dance environment can be rare to find but when you do it’s beautiful to have a healthy space where you can be together and grow. Every week we come together, it’s a place where we can have fun but at the same time, we work hard so the balance is amazing.


What strives and motivates you to keep you going as a team? 

Nicole McDowall:

As a collective it’s really important for us to, I hate to say it, but to represent the females in the dance community because there hasn’t been such a strong and successful popping collective, I don’t think ever. A lot of people really appreciate what we do, the connections that we have and the way we push forward and keep going and keep growing together.


Roscomar A.I.M. Collective 


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