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Artists Sarianne Plaisant and Danny Sangra are photographed in their London home. Sarianne works as a set designer and prop stylist. Her husband Danny writes, directs, and illustrates films. 

What’s the best thing that's happened to you today?

S: I spoke to my best friend who lives in Germany.

D: Olivia Harrison asked me to make a gift for Paul McCartney's birthday.

Which one item of clothing do you value the most?

S: I would have to say my wedding dress as it was my mums. She wore it in 1976 when my parents got married in Finland. She keeps everything in pristine condition and luckily has good taste. It’s pretty special to see photos of us both wearing it.

D: The only item I have a personal connection to is an oversized blue knitted cardigan which my friend and I made when we had a knitwear label. I never wear it because I’m too scared, I’ll ruin it. Correction, I know I’ll ruin it.

Do you collect anything? 

S: Most people think because of what I do I must collect everything but to be honest, I am the complete opposite. I put a lot of energy into not accumulating stuff, so no I don’t think I do.

D: I’d say I probably collect first edition books. I’m not an avid collector of anything but I prefer buying books to buying art.

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Is there a place you can't wait to return to? 

S The ocean. One that isn’t in England and cold.

D: Japan. It feels like it will be a long way off from happening though….Also New York/LA as we have godchildren and friends who’ve had kids during the pandemic that we haven’t met yet.

Can you think of a current problem with the world you’d really like to solve?

S: Materials that can’t be recycled make me pretty anxious. I would like to live in a world where we find more ways to use materials so they can be repurposed.

D: Pandemic aside? There’s a world of problems so it’s difficult to focus on one (maybe that’s the problem?). I’d like to find a situation where younger people not from privileged backgrounds can develop a life within the creative industry. It feels like we are getting to a point where only rich kids can pursue a career in the arts.

How do you try to be responsible in your own work?

S: I always try to re-use or pass on any props from shoots, so they aren’t thrown away. I fully believe someone’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.

D: I try and balance things out between commercial projects and personal projects. I may do a brand project, but it funds many personal projects that I can bring friends on to. I also try help younger brands or people getting a start. Making a film for them, designing things, or even just mentoring whenever possible.

Tell us about a belief you had early on in life that you now feel differently about.

S: Growing up in the countryside, I use to think it was boring but now I appreciate it so much.

D: I used to believe there was a monster under my bed. I’ve come to realise it’s not under my bed, It’s outside.

What was the last song you listened to?

S: Go West - King of Wishful

D: Bryan Ferry - Pyjamarama.

Are there any quotes you often refer to/think of?

S: You can’t get lost if you don’t know where you are going.

D: ‘Sometimes you just have to cowboy it’.

What would be the title of your memoir?

S: I’m not entirely sure but it would have something to do with water as my love for swimming probably outweighs anything else.

D: Unfortunately, I Never Went to Mars.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

S: I believe we are just energy in the universe so I feel we will continue in some way.

D: I believe everything is continuous.

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